Here’s what’s wrong with books

​Here’s what’s wrong with books – meaning words printed on paper. (Just about everything I say here applies to magazines as well.) The problem is: the words are locked onto the page. You cannot get them out. You can highlight them with a pen – but you cannot lift them out, and then save some […] billing info

Here’s another lousy design. Amazon has lots of different offerings – things you buy, things you subscribe to by the month (Kindle Unlimited, Music Unlimited) or annually (Prime). And they get charged to your credit card with fairly generic labels – in my recent situation, it was called “Amazon Digital Services.” So you get one […]

I’m not sure this fits into the fast/cheap/good meme, but it certainly fits the “not good” issue. I’m looking for a new desk, so I trot on over to – since my local office supply store is office max, this makes no sense at all, but that’s the way it is here… And, as […]

Amazon Music sucks

Ok, maybe the title is a little too negative – I haven’t used Amazon Music enough to condemn the whole thing. Here’s what I hate so far: 1) on my Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon replaced the Music component with a link to a new Amazon Music app. No announcement, as far as I know […]