What the heck is “Fast, cheap, or good”?

Every day – almost every MOMENT of every day – you use something that was designed and built by somebody else. This web site. Your car. Your smart phone.

And when that thing was designed and built, the people doing the job wanted it to be good. And they wanted it as soon as possible. Oh – and they wanted to spend as little as possible to create it.

The problem is: you cannot have all three. You can have it fast and cheap – but it probably won’t be very good. You can have it fast and good – but that’s not cheap. And you can have it good and cheap – but you don’t get it very fast. You’ll get it when the builders are idle, and have nothing else to work on.

So, fast, cheap, or good. Pick any two.

PS: This web site will primarily be about bad software. Often, that is because people picked fast and cheap. The software may be bad for other reasons. I don’t really know why it’s bad. I just know it is.


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