Amazon Music sucks

Ok, maybe the title is a little too negative – I haven’t used Amazon Music enough to condemn the whole thing. Here’s what I hate so far:

1) on my Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon replaced the Music component with a link to a new Amazon Music app. No announcement, as far as I know – it just showed up one day. I had read an article somewhere else that mentioned this was happening, so I was somewhat prepared for this – but what about all the others TV Stick users who had not seen whatever article I read? Why can’t vendors notify us when they are making a significant change list this? Apparently Apple did this

2) The new app is doing something really annoying. Here’s the scenario: I am listening to some music in the new app. I stop the music playback, and switch to something else on the stick – say, Hulu. I finish watching that, and shut off the TV. Hours later, I power on my TV, click HOME to wake up the TV Stick, get the home page, pick Hulu – and the Music I listened to some days ago resumes playing! I have to go back to the home screen, scroll down to Music – the song is fortunately shown there -I select it, hit pause (the only choice) , then I can go back to Hulu. REALLY ANNOYING!


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