I’m not sure this fits into the fast/cheap/good meme, but it certainly fits the “not good” issue.

I’m looking for a new desk, so I trot on over to – since my local office supply store is office max, this makes no sense at all, but that’s the way it is here…

And, as I use the web site, these various little web page overlays – windows in the web sense, not in the larger, web browser sense – keep popping up, overlaying what I am actually look at. Go to the web site, and try it yourself. It’s REALLY ANNOYING. I used their site feedback to give them my thoughts on the web site – didn’t save a copy, so I cannot prove my wittiness and disdain – but I know it’s all shouting into the wind – no one hears me.

Then I call my local store to see if they have a particular item on display – and, like many other phone systems, blasts distortion when they put me on hold… I sent a second message:

I just left a message about your lousy web site. Here’s something else – TURN DOWN the music you play while a customer is on hold. It should be loud enough for me to know I am not disconnected – but it should NOT be so loud I have to hold the phone away from my ear. And the loud volume just introduces distortion, which only people under the age of 12 think is a good thing.

Call me a curmudgeon… Having a somewhat bad day. But I did not yell at anyone yet, so that’s good.


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