billing info

Here’s another lousy design. Amazon has lots of different offerings – things you buy, things you subscribe to by the month (Kindle Unlimited, Music Unlimited) or annually (Prime). And they get charged to your credit card with fairly generic labels – in my recent situation, it was called “Amazon Digital Services.” So you get one of these, and you want to know what it’s for.

I hop on to, and look at orders. Nothing there. I look at “Your Memberships & Subscriptions.” Nothing there.  The one I got this time turned out to be for Kindle Unlimited. But the only place you can find that is under … Kindle Unlimited. And even then, it doesn’t say “you were charged $xx on day so-and-so.” It says you started your subscription on day x, and you will next be billed on day y.

What Amazon needs is a single, consolidated billing report – everything you got charged for, in one place. 


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